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Hip Pain


Pain due to a problem in the hip joint (iliofemoral joint) is usually felt in the lateral/gluteal area or groin region.  The hip joint is a large ball and socket, weight-bearing structure that is held together by the strongest ligament in the body.  Lack of normal hip joint mobility and function is a significant contributing factor in low back pain and lower extremity pain syndromes.  Hip pain can be due to the following:


  • Hip (iliofermoral) joint dysfunctin/restriction/lack of mobility

  • Osteoarthritis aka degenerative joint disease

  • Bursitis

  • Referred pain form the low back and/or the sacroiliac joints

  • Hip/gluteal muscle trigger points


Alternative Chiropractic's Treatment Approach Includes:


  • Chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments: Adjustments are important because they correct biomechanical joint restrictions that are almost 

    always present with hip pain.

  • Physiotherapy: This is used to reduce acute pain, inflammation and muscle spasm via the use of (1) electrical stimulation, (2) Ultrasound and (3) heat/ice.


  • Muscle and soft tissue techniques: These help reduce muscle/ligament pain, tightness and adhesions and improve function.


  • Therapeutic exercises: Specific “low tech” rehabilitation exercises and assisted stretches are recommended to strengthen weak/inhibited muscles, improve flexibility and range of motion, and prevent re-injury.

  • Lifestyle modifications:  Postural and repetitive stress activities may need to be addressed.  In cases of hip osteoarthritis, hip joint resurfacing or total hip replacement may be indicated.


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